Monday, November 8, 2010

Weekend Update

Last week was a blur! I worked every day from home and kept up with emails and issues as well as doing hospital visits, doctors appointments, laundry, etc. It felt good to get some things in order and by Friday it seemed I was just waking up on Monday. Friday was a good day. My blood pressure had a slight decrease and Ava got another increase of food! I had a good time with her on Friday with the exception of having to give her a dose of iron with her late afternoon feeding. She HATES it and I agree with her. It smells bad, it dark black and when she gets some in her milk it takes her breath away. Shortly after ingesting it she throws it up and it is bright green and nasty, thankfully the burb rag is always on her when I feed so she and I stay clean but she looks at me with the saddest eyes when she drinks it. She will be on it for quite awhile so I guess I better get good at being tough!
Saturday I went to the hospital in the morning and stayed until game time. She was looking quite yellow and when the doctor made the rounds he agreed so they rechecked her belirubin. She increased her feeding to 35ml and would prepare for a full feed later that night at 42ml. She is 4.5 pounds so the food is doing her good. The shift nurse was awesome and spent alot of time talking with me about preparing things now for her to return, how to care for her (ambilical cord, bathing, etc.) and keeping her on a schedule. It was a lot of information but very helpful.
When Troy and I returned Saturday night she was back under the lights! She really loves to be under them and she looks so comfortable in her isolette with her tanning goggles on and hanging out in her diaper. Her belirubin level had spiked and the lights were just what she needed.
Sunday she was still under the lights. Her level was dropping but not very fast so it is what she needs. She is taking her full feeds at 42ml and that is a great sign. She was content again just hanging out under the lights but we did take her out for the feeding we did so it was nice to cuddle with her and she was very sleepy so she didn't eat very much and I didn't have to get her iron in her. She later took her feeding and the iron well the nurse said when we called late Sunday night to check on her.
We will see what the week holds for us!
Troy, Stef, Ava and Einstein

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  1. Wow! Ava is really doing well. I'm thankful that both of you are healing and getting stronger. Love the blog updates -thanks for keeping us all informed.