Thursday, November 11, 2010

1 Night Down!

Well we survived our first night! Ava did great and Troy and I are still standing. We are just so excited to have her home and I think this will help all of us greatly get into a routine and more comfortable. We have discovered that such a little thing can produce a lot of dirty diapers so thank goodness Troy is getting good at that task.

I am also proud to announce that for all of you who know my evil cat Einstein,he is doing really well with Ava. I am sure he will still be evil to all outside guests but for the time being even he is doing great.

It is hard to believe that tomorrow is Friday and that it has been just 3 weeks that Ava was brought into this world at 34 weeks. She is doing amazing and I am excited to watch her continue to thrive. Well it is time for bath and both Ava and I need one tonight.

Goodnite everyone!
Troy, Stef, Ava and Einstein


  1. Cannot wait to watch you 2 in your new roles as Mom and Dad!!! Enjoy all the pooping and puking! haha! I'm so glad for you stef that Einstein is doing so well with Ava as I was afraid of what Troy would do! Can't wait to see you all! Love you!

  2. I am SO excited. Can't wait to meet little one! Einstein will most likely be Ava's watch cat. :)