Thursday, November 4, 2010

Making Progress

As I left my doctor's appointment on Wednesday I was full of frustration and concern. My blood pressure just isn't moving and the drugs just keep increasing. My doctor wanted to check me back in to the hospital to keep an eye on me and provide a constant stream of medication to try and make some progress but I begged him for one more day for the higher dosage to kick in. I can sleep and relax all I want but blood pressure is controlled by your body and not your mind or relaxation so I figured it was realistic to ask for one more let's just hope Thursday there is some progress. For those of you who have asked, the high blood pressure is concerning for me during recovery because I can have seizures and possibly a stroke so the concern is to get it down so that I am safe doing normal daily activities.

So after the appointment I ventured down for my afternoon/evening session with Ava. To much surprise I arrived and she was in a "crib" and out of her isolette. The crib is what babies are usually in after they are born and hanging out in the hospital. I joked when I saw her that she looks almost like a normal baby! She was also dressed in a preemie sleeper that hides all her cords and tubes so it was a fun moment!

When I asked about the move to the crib the nurses provided me some updates on her progress. It is a good sign and it is to get them used to regulating their body tempature and learning to do other things at the same time such as feeding, breathing, etc. When they are in the isolette the tempature in there is regulated so they don't have to work on that aspect when learning other things. They went on to let me know that her first feeding out of the isolette and in the crib went ok but not great. They said Ava was a hot mess! She was confused and unorganized in her processes so her feeding wasn't great. At 4p she had another shot, I watched closely as the nurse needed to feed her to monitor how she was responded. She did great! She ate her new increased food amount (20ml) with no issues and didn't have a single heart drop! I burped her after she was finished and she took her paci and acted still hungry, this is great progress. We hope she gets a good report Thursday as well and can stay in the crib.

Well let's hope for a good Thursday report for both Ava and I. Troy and I are starting to get into a routine and that makes our days go much smoother.
Thanks again for all the prayers and support!
Stef, Troy, Ava and Einstein

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  1. What a mixture of feelings you must have. I certainly hope that today is a good day. Know you are all in your prayers.